Friday, January 28, 2011

Faithful Friday

The Lord’s continued Faithfulness was shown to us in many ways.

1.        I got our taxes done, we are just waiting for the online acceptance and our return.
2.       Paul worked an extra side job on Thur and will work extra hours at work on Sat.
3.       He provided us with some hot water instead of none- both elements could have gone out in the water heater.
4.       The Lord blessed us with Zekaryah 13 years ago and we celebrate his birthday Sunday.
5.       The Lord blessed me with a finalized quilt order and is giving me a way to have it finished and back to them by the 14th to bring sunshine to my customer’s son.
6.       The Lord blessed me with time to finish the second Pinwheel quilt order I had.
7.        The Lord gave me an idea for more followers- give way a Pinwheel quilt when I reach 53 followers.

So there are 7 ways that God has been faithful to me this week. If you would like to join in the fun, follow the link to Striving for 31 today and link your Blog post, or if you do not have a Blog you can comment on her post for today. Have a very Blessed Weekend, hope everyone stays warm and Healthy.

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