Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Am I Learning Friday

I am learning that my body is starting to get a little old this week. I have had some minor trouble doing small tasks like opening a bottle of milk. This bothered me a little bit. On top of that I have been super tired and not sleeping well. My mom suffers from various medical issues so it got me thinking. I need to exercise. My husband has been trying to get me to take walks etc however to be honest the weather is too cold and it makes me ache so bad. We talked about getting bikes for outdoors but either it is too hot or too cold here for most months, so I talked him into an exerciser. One that is a step/bike thing. We have a workout bench but it hurts me to use it, so this will be a great way for me to work out while the kids are in school and still be safe. We dont live in the best area so I can't go walking during the day alone for sure. Eventually I might need to do more than just this bike/step machine but for now it is a great start.
Another thing I am learning is that I can mail coupons that have expired to a military base. I follow Stockpiling Moms alot, she gave out some info for where we can donate them within the U.S. Most other blogs I saw it is all out of the U.S. and then you have to deal with APO addresses and such, it is rather difficult to do all that. I wanted somewhere that just took a stamp and not all the paperwork to go with it. I do appreciate all that the military does and if I am going to buy 3+ papers most weeks I want the ones I dont use for sure to go to someone else.
Here is the info from her Blog, you may also read her post here.
Stockpiling Moms donates all of our expired coupons to our local American Legion Auxiliary. If you are interested in joining us and supporting our efforts please mail your coupons to:

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 450
450 Victor Stier Dr.
Milford, OH 45150

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  1. Thanks Jenn! Glad you learned something from me ;-)

    Stockpiling Mom


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