Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I focused on a quilt top. I still need to put on the top and bottom borders but then I can pin it all and quilt it. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow, its a gift I would like to get in the mail by Friday. I would love to get it done tomorrow so that I can work on Zekaryah's quilt due by months end.
The towels above are country like towels- ones I have listed for sale on ETSY. I think they are really cute. I would like them on red-instead of white... The towels below I also listed for sale, trying to think IRISH and St Patty's Day...I love the fabric, nice and delicate and the green towel is very pretty.

I have been working on towels both for orders and also just to list for sale. I listed two on Craigs list today as well as a couple quilts I had on ETSY, I am hoping they do better on there, will see. A teacher at the school listed the towels too, even if I could get some new orders for things people want. I have been told to try Trendy.. I admit I am not myself very trendy so its a big stretch for me to assume I know what someone else might want to buy. Very hard task. These towels below are an order for my friend Diana, she wanted pink towels for her mom. I would have to charge nearly $20 a set for them as the towels alone are $6 but they are wonderful towels, nice and thick. I love them, they are by Canopy. The fabric looks wonderful. I had one fat quarter of this and never had done anything with it. Great idea for the towels. I hope her mom loves them.

I felt a little ahead of the game today as last night we made tacquitos and my husband and I took the time to go ahead and make enchiladas up for tonight's dinner too. All I had to do was pull it from the fridge and put it in the oven. I had made a pot of beans in the crockpot however they didn't cook in time, so I finished them up on the stove. These towels below are sage green, they are also for Diana. I had made my mom a set on blue and Diana liked those, then said she wanted the same fabric on sage green also. That was awesome because it gave me 3 towel orders. Now they are all done and ready to ship come friday.
Jakob ate yams- that was it, but still easy and I spaced the enchiladas and yams out so that I could run the oven a few hours. At this point in the cold I could use all the help I could get.
These towels above are the second set for my mom. I love the fabric. It is by Northcott and part of their Breast Cancer Awareness line. Somehow that cause really speaks loud to me, so I love using the fabrics. I love paisley too, which is interesting because my mom does also. I can't wait to be able to send her the towels, they will match their rustic like front room and kitchen so well. I hope they go with a couch in the room that my dad bought her years ago for their anniversary. So lots done, but lots more to do...

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