Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coupon Class

I feel like all my hard work over the past few months has truly been blessed. I happened to be with a friend at a meeting last week and her friend told her about this coupon class, that was today. I am so excited that this GOD ORDAINED information was passed to me and that I lept at it. I learned so much tonight. For example one mistake I make is using more than 3 coupons on a triple or double item. For example if I have 4 coupons for Grands Biscuits, for when they have the sale 10 for $10...and I buy 12 like I normally do, I do not get that triple on that 4th coupon. I only get it on the first three. Does that make sense. It did to me. It was a light bulb moment. I thought about this past shopping trip. I thought I should have had at least $5 more in savings.. that is why. My double and triple on a few items never happened, it was at face value only. Now I am not saying that you only get three triple coupons per shopping trip, it is per item. So if you have it for Grand biscuits you can use three, get triple savings, then if you have it for Mustard you can also use three and get triple savings..Good INFO!
Now I already knew one fact that I love, and have testified to happening. You can use your manufactured coupon with an uploaded coupon to your card like Kroger. For example CellFire or Shortcuts.Com.. They not only give you the manufactured discount on the item but they give you the loaded coupon too. Now the catch with the loaded coupon is you only get one, even if you use three manufactured ones..
I did also learn that Walmart- like I thought really does not have the true savings they claim if you are looking to shop using coupons and sales. I truly found that the case this week when I shopped both places. There were a couple items that I knew were cheaper at Walmart but my savings were not even close comparison wise. I now realize that I will be cutting coupons for things like razors etc and putting them in a binder to then watch for later sales that Kroger will have. I never thought to buy things like Shampoo and stuff there. I glance at prices but always find it is still cheaper at Walmart. That is because I am not watching the sales close enough.
Anyway there is too much info to put into one Blog but I will start next week trying to break it all down as I would love to inspire others to also take the plunge and clip those coupons, plan your menus and save that money!
I am very excited to see that my husband got the kids homework finished up, dishes were finished (i had most of them done before I left) and they were ready for bed by the time I made it home after ten tonight. He was so supportive when I was jumping up and down (not literally- but inside) over the fact that I won a bag full of coupons tonight. A free class and I walk away with money! Wow... so wonderful as there is a HUGE Mega Sale at Kroger this weekend. The Lord truly is amazing. He opened some doors today for me that will possibly truly help me stay at home and just sale quilts so that I can continue to be with our children, the way that HE intended for a woman to be. That makes me very warm inside.

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