Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

We have been very busy with school, church and the holidays. With my laptop in the shop I find it hard to have time to write my blog for sure. The afternoons the kids "jockey" for the computer- either for homework or facebook games. So this post covers quite a bit and I fear I will leave quite a bit out too.
The 3 quilts that I made were just received and they were exactly what each girl will like to have. That is so wonderful as often I contemplate over quilt orders. I like the freedom in just knowing a theme and a few colors then creating what I feel will be great, but to hear that it will be liked by the person getting the gift that is amazing. Between the quilt orders and the Book fair at school and then normal activities I volunteer for I found myself sick most of last week. Partially exhaustion partially a cold. That has left me behind in some things I had hoped to have done.
The weather has really turned to winter I feel. I know this morning when I woke up I nearly froze just walking through the house to wake the younger two up. It was 50 degrees. I can't wait until this weekend when we are able to put blankets or plastic or something up over the windows to hopefully help restore some heat to the house. I am hoping to purchase Jakob a electric blanket as he is the only one without one. I think that will help the nights be a little more bearable as we continue another winter without heat in the house. One day I hope we can replace all the windows, but until then we need to be creative.
Our thanksgiving was great, we went to Paul's families house and had dinner. They took some pictures of families etc. I am still without a camera so we don't have our own copies. I am grateful for facebook as I was able to copy a few. I am hoping to get a hold of the ones with just our children soon. We did our own thanksgiving dinner Monday, a little late but it was wonderful. A friend from the kids school provided us with a turkey and a gift card so we were able to purchase the meal and then some other food. The children love a big feast. I think that will always remain our tradition as Paul and I both love to cook.
We have much to be thankful for as friends from the children's school or closer friends and their families continue to help provide for our needs. My one dear close friend had provided us with some money around our birthday and her parents just gave us a gift card which will allow for us to get groceries next week, it was a wonderful gift.
Yesterday something extraordinary happened. The weather has gotten so cold and our children did not have winter jackets. They have all grown so much, so either they did not fit or they just did not have one. I stopped in to visit a friend I had been trying to connect with yesterday and we were talking about the kids and Christmas and then the weather. Her and her husband decided that they would provide the children's winter coats. That was a huge burden lifted off our shoulders as it was a true need for them. This friend and I went shopping and after a couple of places that had none, we finally found the perfect jacket for each child. I loved just watching them try them on last night before church. I could see that they were extremely appreciative of such a kind gesture.
I am reminded so much of what this season is all about. As our everyone that has touched our lives recently I am sure. It is not about what you give but rather what we have in life through the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him we would have and be nothing. I see the news and it saddens me to see how so many families are just like us or worse. Trying to make it on one income in a time where that truly is nearly impossible. Yet with Christ all things are made possible. We continue to be faithful to our Lord and he continues to show us His provision, love and care. I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life that would take the step to allow God to provide for us through them. I do continue to pray for the Lord's Will with me finding a job, in the meantime I am at peace with the idea that He will provide for our ultimate needs, even something as simple as winter coats.

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