Friday, October 16, 2009

What I am Learning Friday

I learned a great deal this week. First that it might be easier to keep all my coupons in some kind of binder with card type holders in it. Second that my husband really will use a FREE item coupon, and that Gallon of milk really helped us out this week. Three that I can make my own laundry soap and dishwasher soap.
A friend of mine at Following 31, Rita, mentioned yesterday that she makes her own Laundry Soap. That is very intriguing to me as we roughly pay $20 a month to wash clothes. I wrote her privately and she explained to me that it is very simple.

Mix 1 box of Borax, 1 box of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (not baking soda), and 1 grated bar of Fels Naptha or any other laundry bar. When I use it, I use 3 TBSP per load of laundry.
I had never heard of Fels Naptha before. I did see it when I ran various searches through Amazon and other sites online to purchase these products hopefully at a discounted price. She said I could use 1 1/2 bars of Ivory Soap too, which I know is cheap at Walmart. She uses a site called Alice.Com to purchase some of her items. This time I don't have any extra money to spare so it didn't work for me, as you have to purchase 6 items. I did notice the cost on some of my normal items is cheaper, and they offer free shipping. So maybe in a few months.

Another thing I learned is that I can make my own Dishwasher Soap. I had run a search this morning. After reading feedback after feedback, I decided I would try the method that calls for 1 box of Borax, 1 Lrg Box of Baking Soda and then my normal box of Cascade powder. Most reviews stated they did not like just the first two ingredients. Time and time again I read they mixed their regular cascade with these items. One lady says you only need 2 TBSP per load of dishes and that the mix will last her an entire year. I also read that people are using White Vinegar as their cleansing liquid, such as a Jet Dry. I admit, I never buy that but that did sound good.

We do already use Vinegar to do cleaning on windows and glass. We do dilute it down with water and just purchased a simple water bottle from Walmart for our mixture.
I am impressed that in one week I was able to find a couple of things to help us cut down bill wise. Next weeks menu might have to be Breakfast Items most of the week as we have an event at the kids school where the pumpkins cost $5 and then pizza and a drink is $2 each. I have warned my younger two they will need to share a pumpkin for the painting part. There are also pictures for $1. We did these last year and then I printed them for our Christmas Card. I would love to do this again this year, as it is a great way to get a family photo. SO once again I will be trying to get a weeks worth of food for under $20. Honestly it would be nice to do it for $10 in case something incidental comes up again this coming week.

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