Saturday, October 24, 2009

Babies are Blessings

You know I think most women and some men would agree that, there is not much in the world as precious as a baby. I had the honor tonight to watch my two cousins. I really enjoyed rocking the baby to sleep and just holding her forever. Even after her parents returned she remained very content in my arms. Its a wonderful feeling. They have no real cares in the world, no stress just unconditional love. Its amazing.
The older B had a great time with Mekenzei, they played and played. It was great. We watched a cute little movie about a pumpkin that was square. It was really cute and had a great moral to it. She was so tired after we left that we barely made it 5 minutes down the road and she was fast asleep. I had Paul carry her in tonight.
Paul told me a funny story tonight. A guy he worked with had a delivery to make tonight. When he got there he realized he needed some help, so he called on Paul. They had to remove this old display case out which they say weighed about 700 lbs, then move a new one in. It took a long time. Then the guys 18 wheeler would not start so Paul had to hook our truck up to it and try and pull start it. Took them three times, they were running out of road way to make this possible. Sounded kind of scary to me. A huge blessing came from it, as the lady paid Paul for his time and invited him and his family for free lunch and dessert at her restaurant here in town. Pretty nice as my birthday is Monday and we had not planned to do anything. He asked if I would like him to make reservations for Sunday.
I also was given a huge bag of rice tonight. Ever so thankful as even though I have done good to start a food pantry we had just used the last of our rice and beans week before last. So between the money I made and the rice I can once again plan some staple meals to help out until I have a job again.
What amazes me is even though Paul and I see this situation very differently we are probably closer now then we ever have been. People always say that stress and finances pull you apart but I find more and more that we have to lean on one another. Even the kids do. More importantly it reinforces our Faith in our Heavenly Father because you see the good in people, you see how he works through such small situations to provide for us. You see that our trust and faith in Him prevails and in the midst of darkness there really is light.
I held a baby today and left with such a renewed spirit, left with my cup overflowing and just a refreshed mindset to face the weeks ahead. I am ever so thankful for tonight and the many blessings it has provided.

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