Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quilt Sold on Etsy

Today has been a day of blessings. My cousin and his wife purchased a Baby Genius Quilt from me. I will hopefully get it made this weekend. I met with her earlier today and she gave me the check. I needed the money for the kids church camp tomorrow, as the full amount is due.

I had no idea she was also making a contribution to their camp. I was blown away by their thoughtfulness when I got home this afternoon, after a very long day, and saw the amount on this check.
What is even more wonderful is I sold a Panel quilt at school today. I even had change for the ladies $100 bill which is all she had because I had my cash box money from the carnival on me still. I was running late and did not have time to stop between work and meeting my cousins wife. YEAH GOD! Late can be so good at times. My kids can give this lady her quilt tomorrow through her daughter at their school.

Then Tonight my dear friend Des listed a treasury with one of my panel quilts in it. It led someone to see the Noahs Ark Quilt I had listed. This woman that purchased the quilt said she had made one for her son a few years ago and it has since fallen apart and she wanted a new one but had not had any luck. Now my vision that I created for my company has come true for this family. I am bringing SUNSHINE into their home. What a wonderful Ministry I truly have. I love when the Lord just works all the small details out. It was not even a "Sale" Quilt so wow, great news.

I also took an order for a Baby Quilt today, I will get payment upon receipt, mainly because it takes a little pressure off me considering I already have one baby quilt to make. Then this week I have a request for one Tshirt quilt, and two Twin size bed quilts. Those details are still being worked out.

I did get a request for a King Size Bed quilt for my Dad in Utah's wife but I declined. I don't feel my quilts are quite good enough for that yet. But I do hope in a few years I can do one as a gift.

I have been so blessed this week.

I also found today a new skill. I may not do them exactly right but I figured out how to make a pillowcase style dress. Mine was with some scrap fabric because I do not have any white pillowcases and I didn't even have any Muslin- weird, so I found some scrap girl dress material from a Handprint Quilt I made. I love that I figured it out. It may not be perfect but I am betting it will fit my little cousin so well, she is 5 months. I always want to call her my niece though, as her mom is so much more a sister to me then my cousin's wife. I can't wait to share this new dress with her. It will be very cute over a little onesie in the summer here. :-)

Thank you Lord for all the wonderful bounty you have bestowed unto us this week, for your continued blessing and the fulfillment's of the desires in my heart. Also for your wonderful friendship that comes through your servants, my friends, I don't know what I would have done without that this week. I am ever so grateful and humbled by your grace.


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