Monday, May 11, 2009

Menu Monday

This week dinner is very easy. Our church is hosting a 5 days of Beans and Rice and Tap Water. For 5 days help raise awareness and compassion for the billions of people who daily experience hunger and thirst. Be the Message- they have a site, if you are interested. Now I will be honest in that I health wise would not make it on just plain beans and rice so I will add a couple things to the beans. The kids might even have rice with milk.
On Saturday and Sunday they will take a special Missions offering. They are asking that we donate the money saved on groceries to this special effort.
I think it is a great lesson. While I agree with the idea my children will still eat their free breakfast and lunch at school. But at home for dinner all week, the whole family will participate in nothing but beans, rice and tap water.
Will be interesting to see how God works in all of us through this.

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