Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend of Work

Okay so somehow I lost my bedroom between January and now. It started when hubby was building the walls for a room off our closet- which by the way still is unfinished. But then just skyrocketed as it became a dumping ground! I could not stand it anymore! I was getting sick and I really really needed this desk in the living room- this is where I used to quilt- our bedroom.
I got a little discouraged part way through the sorting process of everything on my side of the bed so I enlisted Mekenzei's help. I needed someone to sort through fabric squares so I could put them in plastic bags- can you see how thrilled she is? LOL
I am proud to say that after two days work- minus church, eating and a couple other things like dishes and wash I was done. I had moved some of my fabric containers back into that unfinished room. Moved the desk and file cabinet out of our room with hubbys help. YEAH!
Also moved the dresser (that had fabric in it) to the spare room off our closet. Moved the location of the TV and Couch and moved a metal box of blankets to that spare room too. It is amazing- I can see the floor, can see the bed- and wow you can move around in here!

What amazes me is I removed 2 large trash bags of TRASH! I told the kids my room is OFF LIMITS now. In order to uphold that policy I need to finish cleaning the den and living room where some things from our room got relocated to. Like the desk and filing cabinet. I did not even attempt to go through two large containers of paper and junk that needs to be filed. But maybe next weekend. Hubby got a lot done too- the Chicken COOP is almost finished- will post another blog for that one. It will be so nice when I go to bed tonight. And NO- I did not make the quilt on my bed. I wish- I did get it for $20 at a place called Garden Ridge though. I love the colors. Any my mom made me the crocheted blanket on the wall. I picked the pattern and colors of yarn then she crocheted it for me. I love it- it has a huge dark sage green cross on it.
Now if we can get the wall fixed where all the mold is building up that would be great. My chest is so HEAVY from breathing all that in.

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  1. Wow, great work! Isn't it soo nice to have a clean, clean room to go to bed in? Even if you don't see it 'cause you're in bed with the lights out. I can't still "feel" the clean and it's peaceful. Sigh. My room looks like garbage. LOL!


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