Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hubby's Work this weekend

We have nine chickens- three are older then the rest but not by much. They really needed a chicken coop. That is what my hubby has worked on all weekend. He didn't even get plans just came up with the idea in his head and started at it. He probably would have side walls on it but we went to church last night, then date night afterwards. Then today I pulled him away to help me move a couple things in our bedroom. I think his progress is wonderful and honestly I am so IMPRESSED. I think he did a great job and can't wait to see what it looks like when it is done. He was so cute- he said to me last night- I think after doing this- I could really build you a little shop for your quilting. SO sweet. Honestly I hope projects take a while because I am enjoying my quilting in our living room. May not be very impressive if we had guests (although we never do) but I can be with the kids and such. If I had a shop I would have to set hours. LOL

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