Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday Something New

Well today I tackled something new. The Tshirt quilt- I got it laid out the way I wanted and put the sashing between the blocks on the top and bottom row then got stumped. After much prayer to be honest I came up with the idea to have a huge block in the middle with a bible verse. Then prayer again as to what one.

I thought of the quilts purpose- one for my own son, two for the ministy of His Kingdom. This quilt represents our church, its values and its youth ministry. I knew the perfect verse. I could see the picture of Our Savior with little children at his feet. I could not see the verse in my head, I had read it a thousand plus times too. Even taught lessons on it. I then IM'd someone, a quilty friend, Nikki. She knew the exact verse I wanted. Dingbat me, it is only in the bible three times. My tired soul didn't even think to just search for the key word Children and then New Testament. Nonetheless, I had the perfect verse.

I sent my husband four versions and asked which he preferred. He chose the NIV. I was torn as I liked the kid friendly version yet felt maybe some of the meaning was lost. I wanted to fight manipulating the verse to say what I wanted it to say too. I needed to shorten it was my fear.

When Paul got home we went back and forth on ideas.

Then he finally said,"do you still have the Tshirt scraps?".

I said "yeah but some dont have backing because parts of the back were used."

Then he said, " You only need four to do what you want to do."

You know that I had four shirts that would work!

I had an extra Tshirt back from something else so I used it as a scrap and it was ordained because it worked so well.

I will split this verse into four portions. There will be four different shirts represented and I can even include the bible verse notation too. WONDERFUL.

Now the hard part is that it is 8 pm and I have four embroidery portions to still create, they take roughly 30-40 min a piece so.. WOW. May do two today and two tomorrow. Now my shirt will be what I had visioned though. A vision of the Fellowship of the Woodlands Youth Ministry.

"And Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God, belongs to such as these."

Matthew, Mark and Luke- now which to quote. Hmmm

If I was really a glutton for punishment I would embroider on the strip below the verse- each of the noted places in the bible. I dont know though. I have many other quilts to still do. So what to do? PRAY again, for guidance.

Oh so thank you to Nikki for help, and to Des for your support and to my hubby who always wants a say in what I do. LOL

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  1. I love the idea of the Bible verse on the quilt. Great tackle!


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