Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - A Blog Award

Well today I am taking a moment to note a Blog Award that came my way from Rita at Following 31. She passed it to me on Saturday and I am just now taking the time to get it logged in. I thought Monday that it would be great for my Wednesday Post. The award is for being a Passionate Blogger. I do love to Blog. I love to do a lot of things but lately I would say Blogging, Quilting and Reading are at the top of my list. So I found today a great day to share this with you, as it is a great honor to post this on my Blog. I know a few people I would pass it to, however I don't know that they post awards on their blogs. But I enjoy their Blogs everyday- from a quilting/family standpoint, they are all three wonderful Christian Women and Mothers/Wives too.
Nikki at My7Kids
Des at 3Am Feedings
My Cousins Wife Trisha's Family Blog 123CheckOutOurFamily
I would say another passionate Blogger that I enjoy is All you have to Give- it is wonderful Christian Inspiration.
So thank you very much for the award- My Blog will wear it proudly.

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