Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful For My Husband

The Lord says in Psalm 37 verse 4 that "He will grant the desires of your heart." He did not say we would not have to work for them. (or for them to have them that it would be easy)

Tonight I am so thankful to my husband. He worked hard on my car Mon, Tue and Wed. This morning he took it too work just in case his fix would not hold. I met him for lunch then preceded to hunt for fabric for the quilt I am working on because I was out of what I needed and it was not complete by a long shot. I stopped at the first place by his work, Joann's, they had a couple of selections I needed but not one. I then drove 30 min to the next Joann's, who did not have what I needed either. I did however pick up an additional fabric not at the first one- for you fabric buyers you understand.. Then I discussed with the lady about my dilemma and need for this specific fabric. She said she didn't think they were who carried it, so I headed to Hobby Lobby- the only other non Walmart fabric place near me. Stopping on the first one on my way home. They did not have the cream with blue stars either. I stopped at the one closest by the house, still the answer being no. I decided maybe I got it at Walmart- I went across the way- nope it was different altogether just as I had suspected. At this point I am pretty distraught because this quilt is a donation quilt. Something I said I would try my best to have completed Sunday at 6 pm. While on the phone my husband mentioned I might as well stop and get fruit, beans and rice, then he added milk, juice and yogurt. I drove home to him ready to go to a couple other Hobby Lobby's across town the other direction. We did stop at two more Hobby Lobby's. On the way to the second one- I saw a Joann's across the freeway- just happened to see it, it was tucked way back. He says " Honey, if Hobby Lobby doesn't have it, we will stop on the way back home, we will just go back the same way." I go into the second Hobby Lobby store- Nope! I began to pray even harder.

We go into Joann's and I didn't see it. I saw a ton of blue star fabrics but not the one I needed. I state, "Guys it is cream with Blue stars" My husband points and said I think this one. I could have kissed him right there!

Sure enough he found my fabric.

Of course several stores later I am exhausted and going on and on to the lady cutting my fabric about how the second Joann's which was 1 1/2 hours from her store told me it was not their fabric, how I had been to the other stores searching, just happened to see their store on the way and we stopped there and how grateful I was. She said I am too and smiled. I don't think she had ever met anyone so excited about 3.99 fabric like I was. I also found a matching fabric to the line I was already using, so I picked a yard of it and 4 YARDS of the cream with blue. I told my husband with fabric this hard to find I wanted lots extra because I would probably make another quilt just like this. It was 30% off so he didn't refuse.

Now the gas I spent for that fabric probably ruined that 30% but wow what a husband I have, to understand that I had been to five stores prior to seeing him, for him to have just gotten off work, and in the rain willing to drive me around town in the other direction, in work traffic to find fabric for a quilt that I am not even making money on, that in fact he is fronting the money for because I don't have it, that in fact is going to a donation for something he doesn't know anything about. Now that is a husband of Gold in my book. Tonight I am ever so much more grateful for him! Oh and if any of you have a valid Joanns coupon for 40% or so off, I could really use it this weekend. I found the perfect backing for my handprint quilt. My store will only accept ones through email. Bummer!

So what are you thankful for?

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  1. WOW what a fabric hunt! I would have kissed him, LOL!

    I am thankful to have an understanding quilty hubby too, who thinks that fabric is a necessety like bread and milk and will drive me all over looking for fabric too. We are lucky! : )


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