Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quilt of Valor

I have made a lot of Progress. I probably only have 2 hours maybe 3 left on this quilt. Of course it is already 8 so wow, will be a late night. I had to give up last night after I made the binding. I had a headache that was in my head, neck, shoulders and back. Then the whole female thing complicated things-a cyst burst Sat afternoon and wow was the pain unreal. So, after church while hubby made dinner- pretty easy since it was a pot of beans that just needed some fixing's added to it- but I got the binding cut, ironed and ready to go. It looks great. I am super happy with it.
This morning I got up early, made everyone smoothies and got to working on the indiv blocks. I attached (ironed) interfacing to them- sewed the Triangles of the Star portion of the block and then trimmed them all. Then sewed them into a quilt top- which is now done.(see above photo for finished quilt top)Then I worked on opening a file my mom had graciously made for me, well phooey it would not work. So Plan B - make my own Quilt label. Her's was awesome. Mine will do.
Maybe it was supposed to just be simple. I don't know. Mine will work though. So I have to wait for the label to dry- as it had Vilene (water soluble stabilizer) on top. It is really not crooked but the picture sure shows it is.
Then I can attach to the backing- yes I am cheating! and then Quilt my quilt after pinning it all.
First I want to go eat some chicken- hubby smoked a Brisket he picked up for $1 a lb Friday and some chicken. I will make beans all week to go along with the yummy meat.
Valor:The first book of Samuel tells the story of David gathering about him men (of all walks) to create the Army of God. They eventually became Men of Valor- bravery, courage- those that did what needed to be done. Much like our troops today- thus I named my Quilt Valor, in Honor of God and Man. (our troops)

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