Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quilt of Valor Continues-Time for Bed

What I started with Wednesday Morning- I had one more block almost done, and fabric for another and I ran out of background somehow.
4.5 Charms sewn to make HSTs- that are now cut (I was short 3 blocks worth once I laid them all out tonight, thus had to make more. UGH)

Nicely Pressed, ready to all be trimmed (I think the worst part)Here is the Quilt top with all its needed blocks ready to be sewn tomorrowThis is the Quilt top- non closeup will be approx 40 by 60
Today was a very long day. I woke up just after six, to get kids ready for school, and then head to work. I did manage to get my Blogging in this morning before I left because I wanted to come straight home and work on this quilt that is due Sunday night sometime. Possibly Monday afternoon we will see.
I had lots to do as Wednesday I had run out of background fabrics, Thursday I spent nearly all day looking for the fabrics- since Wednesday we didn't have a second vehicle until my husband got it working about 9:30. So... wow, what a day.
I had 6 or so blocks completed and I now after marking lines, sewing lines, cutting lines, pressing, trimming, pressing and more sewing and pressing. I have all my completed blocks- they are not all trimmed into their final status though.
I do need to sew them all into rows- then into a quilt top, then do some minor quilting to some batting. Then I will stitch in the ditch to the backing, bind and it will be ready to go. I need to find some color sheets to wash the quilt, as NOPE- I did not prewash my fabrics. I know, I know, but Honestly there just was not time.
Trying to put a quilt like this together (for me) in a week has been an adventure I do not know that I will repeat. Next time I think I will do some Nine Patches or something to offset the Friendship Stars. This time I tried to be submissive and I made the quilt that my husband wanted me to make. Next time he will have to pitch in with the beginning process. I could have used the help. It is nearly one am. I hope to still get up early and get my day started, as quilting will take all day, and I still have binding to make, which will be time consuming. I found the perfect fabric for that though- it repeats the Pledge of Allegiance over and over in blue writing on cream fabric. This is the FIRST quilt I have ever done like this and it is going for a Silent Auction for a Wonderful Cause, so I am feel very Blessed that I am using a talent the Lord gave me in order to help someone else, possibly many.
My prayer is that the quilting goes well and I do not mess anything up. I have an entire day to quilt the top so I will take plenty of time. I don't think just stitching in the ditch will be enough. I think I need to quilt some in the actual stars. That really complicates things, so I will have to be very very careful, with such a big quilt. First I need some sleep.


  1. Hey is that pledge fabric by marcus bros? I bought some of that, YEARS ago and used it in my Patriotic Stars (pinwheel) quilt. I found some about 5 years ago on ebay and it was out of print at the time so FQs were going for like, 8-10 bucks!

    Congratulations on working so much on the quilt! Yeah, next time say "Baby, I love you and want to be submissive but you're supposed to honor me as the weaker vessle and I can only do SO MUCH!!" LOL!

    Have a great day!

  2. I wish I lived close to where you do. I could watch you quilt and learn something. You're so talented.
    Get some sleep!

  3. I'm sorry it's been such a headache. It's looking great. Hopefully it won't be too much more trouble :).


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