Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Award- Blog Love

Well to my surprise I saw an email this morning to let me know that Rita at Following 31 was passing an award to my Growth in God blog. What a wonderful award. I love to write, but like Rita I also love to read several blogs, some have become friends, some just blogs I follow. I have a variety of Blogs that I love- whether it be from a biblical inspiration stand point or maybe just a sneak peak into their daily lives- I follow them and we in a sense walk through life together.
It is always amazing to me that there really are moms out there with dirty houses- kids that are overwhelming- or kids that are just adored. We all have more in common then we often realize. My family would see this award and think it is perfect! I am always on the laptop (or the sewing machine), always writing hand written letters- correcting homework... something- they would see the picture and think of MOM. SO thank you very much...

Here are the rules attached to this particular award:
* When you receive the Blog Love award, you should place the logo on your blog proudly!
* Link to the blogger that awarded you the love.
* Nominate your friends and bloggers you read regularly, as many as you like.
* Finally, let them know you’ve nominated them to receive the award.

I would like to say that if you do not follow Following 31, I would recommend her Blog- it has some wonderful posts.
So now to my picks.
I would say the Blog I follow the most is Des from 3 Am Feedings
Then as interesting of a thought this is I enjoy her moms blog, Nikki, My Seven Kids
Then I have a few that I more follow- I may post a comment now and then but they are either contributing writers or something like that, Their posts are often inspiring.
Hip Chick's Home
Chat's With An Old Lady
All You Have to Give
Following 31

So there you go. Thank you again- what a lovely award.

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