Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cross Post- Jakob's Legend Essay

Well I am being lazy tonight- but also I am just so impressed with my son's writing that I wanted to share it on both blogs, so if you follow both, you have already read it. Ha ha, new post tomorrow.
Here is the post I made on Sunshine and Family- remember he is only 12, so grammar issues should be ignored- just read for entertainment.
My son had to write an essay (legend) for Science Class on the lunar Cycle. There were actually several things to choose from and depending on what you chose depended on what else you had to do with it. He chose an 8 pt project so it was one of the two hardest choices and then he is to also write a quiz for the other 2 points. Anyway I thought his essay was neat. So I am sharing it with everyone tonight. The way he actually formatted and the title and everything was even better, he has gotten so good with the computer- but this will suffice.

The Legend of the Moon
A Legend of Why the Moon Changes Appearance during the MonthIt is said that the moon changes its appearance because of greed.Ten thousand years ago, seven spirits ruled the moon. At the time, the moon we see stayed in constant light. This is because wherever the spirits stood, there was light. The spirits equally shared the moon and lit it completely. Then the spirits became greedy. The spirits wanted more space for their light to shine and to make the other spirits’ space for light less. They fought over space for a hundred years and for a hundred years the moon was black. Then a wise man came and said “Enough with this fighting, let you have a series of eight contests to see who is the strongest, quickest, and wisest of you all. The winner shall have the front of the moon, while the losers the back.” This was taken as a good idea and was followed through. Each of the seven spirits had a talent and each won one of the contests. The last contest was to run all the way around the moon. The race was to start on the right side of the moon and run left. The spirits lined up and got ready to run. When they started they realized that as none of them were better at running than the others, none of them would get ahead. However, they did not stop running or else one of the other spirits might get ahead. So, they kept running.The spirits lit half the moon according to their position. When they started, they created a Waxing Crescent. As they went farther left they created a First Quarter. Then they created a Waxing Gibbous. When they reached the middle of the moon they created a Full Moon. As they went leftwards they created the Waning Gibbous, then the Third Quarter, and, as they were nearing the end of their race a Waning Crescent.When they reached the end of their race, they fought over who had won. They accused each other of cheating, or said that someone else’s track was shorter. So, again the wise man came and said “No one won the race it was a tie so you shall have to race again.”The wise man had tricked the spirits into lighting the moon, if only temporarily, so that the moon was never left in darkness permanently, a part of the moon would always be lit except when a race was done. Since the moon in complete darkness signals the start of a new race, it is called a New Moon.

It really made me think of good and evil and the bible and our lives. How we are always racing through life, competing against each other... and yet maybe get no where when it is all said and done. If we stayed focused on the true light though- the Lord- it would be much easier for our own light to always shine bright.

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