Thursday, January 22, 2009

What I Learned This Week - Friday

This week has come with such a flood of emotions for me. As you may know I lost a very important man in my life this past weekend. My grandfather Kale Veloy Smith. I am ever so THANKFUL to my Dad in Utah for paying to fly me here to Utah. It has been wonderful to spend time my grandmother. Simple things that I know are so important like holding her hand, sitting next to her in a rocker- cuddling, kisses and words like "I Love You." This week I have learned a true feeling of love. I am not saying I have never known it before, or that I have never experienced it. That would be foolish. What I am saying is that there is a Love that I had never imagined personally feeling, that I felt this whole week.
I met family I have never met before, they just graciously accepted me, which I knew in my heart would be the case. I think the most amazing experience was being invited to sing with my two sisters- who are from my biological dad and his wife. We sang Amazing Grace at the funeral today. Thankfully we were up first after the Bishops opening. So emotionally we all three made it through the song without crying. Try singing at a funeral sometime and you will understand that comment to the fullest. Listening to everyone speak between the viewing, the funeral, the luncheon after at the church and then back at my grandma's house- wow just unbelievable.

The thing I was taught today was that God intended us to LOVE everyone no matter what we go through in life with them. Most importantly outside of family- like your children, grandchildren, siblings is the relationship with your spouse. My grandparents loved each other more than I have ever seen any other couple love one another. A love that was just unconditional. They may have had a few arguments, the normal couple stuff but you always saw them hugging and kissing, holding hands, sitting close, saying I love you. They never went to bed angry at one another and were married 67 years. I would love to have the closeness like that in my own marriage, something that one really does have to work at. We look at Love as this easy thing- which it is so easy to give away but super hard to keep if we don't try. If there was anything anyone would say about me upon my ending days I would hope it would be how much I love just like was said about my Grandfather Kale. I can completely see so many of his qualities and lessons in myself and I am ever so lucky to have had him in my life. What is so wonderful is that one day I will see him again- how could you ever ask for more than that.

So I ask you, when is the last time you TRULY told/showed someone important in your life that you loved them? As my Grandma said tonight- make sure you live today as it was your last, because you just never know...

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  1. This is beautifully said. I love the old photos.


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