Friday, September 2, 2016

Unity Park 5 K Run

My middle son competed in a local 5 K run/obstacle course event in town. It had to be postponed but was held on 4th of July at the local park. I couldn't go because my husband wasn't well enough but my daughter went and took photos for me.
Along the run you would have to stop and do push ups, burpees etc. It was a test of endurance.
He was the first adult to come in but he wanted to support other runners. She has photos of him running with others to help them come to the finish line. Such a sweet heart.
Its nice to see that hes not all about the glory but really about enjoying the run and serving the Lord through it.
Here is everyone that participated. 
Those that came in the top for their age groups.
I am so glad she was there to support him. Its neat to see how close they truly are to one another.

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