Saturday, April 23, 2016

Window Units and Bedroom Arrangements

Installing a New Window Unit was necessary in the Loft area. Both the boys will share this space that is about 5 foot tall in the center of the room, going down to 2.5 foot or so at the edges. Having two boys in this space meant they needed a stronger unit to keep it cool for the summer months.
Of course it would be easy to pull the old unit out and put a new one in right? If only..
This unit was just a bit wider and quite a bit taller, that meant cutting out more wall space and re-framing it some.
My husband had a hard time getting it in but once it was in, the rest was easy.
Great stuff is awesome. It really helps keep it secure and we didn't have to screw the unit into the surrounding wood.
A nail gun is awesome. This is a new investment for us and really has helped with projects like this one. Reattaching the exterior wood was pretty easy.
Then he just needed to cut new pieces of wood for the border around the outside and the inside. We can't seem to find the matching paint but that will have to be on our agenda soon. We learned outside wood does much better once painted or treated.
The inside wall looks great. We need to actually run electrical to the room. Right now it runs off an electrical cord. Hopefully this is something we can tackle over the summer.

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