Monday, April 4, 2016

Having a Horse

MeKenzei has always wanted a horse, she loves them. When Izzy moved in 6 months that dream became a reality. While the horse is Izzy's she has enjoyed Lucky's company. So has the rest of us for sure. He can be so sweet. We have learned a lot too
He loves the citrus tree leaves, he loves the fig tree leaves, he loves to sneak out of the fence if you leave it open, he loves to get in the garden, thankfully not much harm this time. So that required a metal fence all around. It has been a challenge among the blessing of horse manure for the compost pile
Today I had encountered it all. He got into the fruit tree area, which was roped off, then I let him out into the back acreage, not knowing that someone had not secured the temporary fencing and he went out the front, that was fun. Then I put him in the new stable like area Zekaryah created for him to find that the gate to that fence is broken and needs repair. I have been trying to get binding on a quilt all day. Between the horse, phone calls, kids schedules. It has yet to happen. Our small some what farm life can be very busy~

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