Monday, April 4, 2016

God's Beauty while Quilting

I love quilting in the living room. It is very strange if people come over because we don't have the typical set up. There truly isn't anywhere to really sit. However the benefits are the beautiful spring creatures I get to watch while quilting.
Spring is wonderful, so many varieties of birds visit the window area, hang out in the bushes outside the windows and such
I am thankful I can capture a few of them on my camera
My favorite this past week were these two dove, just perfectly sitting
Its interesting to see how many red birds we have this year.
They do have to battle the squirrel that continues to come by.
I think there are several males that stop in, they love to drink from various water areas off the porch, we will leave a lid out when it rains so it will collect for them. Eventually I hope to get a bird bath put out front for them.
I am anxious to see if they will build any nests. We have some very small birds building nests off the side of the house, but none of the red birds yet.
They like to chase each other through the bushes or just hang out like these last two were doing.

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