Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Super Girl

Jakob and I had a discussion about MeKenzei and all the work she puts into her classes. For Jakob being Valedictorian was a lot of work but at the same time parts of it came easy because he naturally just got things, he was a good test taker and was not very social so he had less obligations in some ways.
For MeKenzei it doesn't come easy. She doesn't always retain what she learns, she writes amazing notes, but this takes hours. She reads everything she should, does every project, assignment, serves at church, volunteers at school, has a couple leadership positions.. the list goes on. I am in awe sometimes of the dedication she puts forth. I really wish her pitutary gland would work more efficiently. The last two years have been tough, relearning how to study and not getting frustrated over the changes that have occurred.
One thing Jakob mentioned was that even though he has done well scholastically he hopes that not all his success in life is academic. He hopes that he can make a great contribution and make a difference so that his life was worthwhile. I felt bad that he doesn't see how much of a difference he made to so many already just through what he has accomplished but he looks at MeKenzei and sees something he desires through her actions. As a parent it took me by surprise. I am so blessed to have amazing children.
Another thing we discussed is that she will actually out do him in courses taken. Its amazing really. If all the courses she requested come to be she will have an additional AP course over him. However, she will not be able to achieve the same rank number. I hope even though she works so hard she also finds time for herself in the midst of all of this learning. Its tough to have so many scholastic obligations.

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