Sunday, January 24, 2016

Putnam County Spelling Bee Musical

Zekaryah was in the chorus, played a father and a mother in the Spring Musical this year.
This was the last minute surprise. They needed one more female for the part and they didn't have one so Zekaryah was chosen
People who knew him would laugh and were amazed that he pulled the part off. At this point in the play their is a song that states something about their hair thinning so he would take his wig off, it was funny.
He really enjoyed it. I am really thankful it was not last year because he was having so much more trouble with lights flashing. this year it didn't really seem to bother him much.
All four nights were a little different because they would have random spellers from the audience and have a little bit of ad lib from the characters. 
Over all it was really cute, it was a lot of practice days. He really wanted a main part but it would have required missing band and student leadership on Wednesday nights, he wasn't willing to make that commitment so he chose the chorus as his part so he could do both. 


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