Friday, January 1, 2016

Loving and Giving Child

My son is very very giving. He really wanted to do something extremely nice for his girlfriend for her birthday. He had purchased italian food to go and bought a dessert. Their family helped set up space in their home to surprise her.
She really wanted a mini cooper car, he couldn't afford that so he got her a remote control one in her favorite color. He also bought some sparkling cider, popcorn and chocolates
He was able to find some old movies and an I Love Lucy series. It would give them some future date nights.
For Christmas he bought a couple of cute plaques for her, made fudge and pretzels, bought some of her favorite candy and put it in a jar. Then made her this beautiful wooden name plaque which I failed to get in this photo. It was a very nice gift. The pretzels and fudge were for the entire family. He goes really well in giving of his heart.

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