Thursday, December 17, 2015

Grandma June and Texas

I have family in Utah and California and it seems like unless there is a funeral I don't get to see them these days.
I was so thankful to have my Aunt and Uncle watch my cousins children nearby us so that we could see my Grandma while they were here for a week. We only had one night to see them but it was so nice.
I sure do value this time. Its hard with her being my only grandparent of 6 left. My mother passed 5 years ago so its rough around holidays.
At one point I reminded her I was "Jenny", she says Oh you are, well aren't you pretty, we'll keep you. Then she sang me "You are my Sunshine". It was the most perfect moment. One I will keep always.
My daughter was very taken by her. She doesn't remember her nana, her dad's mom much these days but the forgetfullness sure was so similar. She could not believe my patience and understanding over lost ideas and memories. Just siting holding her hand is plenty.
This is one of my favorite photos from the evening. 

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