Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Quilt Orders 2015

Christmas Orders seemed to come in pretty consistently this year
They were combined with birthdays and graduations
They varied in size and style from music shirts
to school whether it was high school or college shirts
I had a variety of colors this year, most were plain fabrics tone on tone.
This order for 7 quilts back in October made me decide I could no longer handle the full time subbing job I was working and also quilt. So I chose just to quilt and boy was I glad I did.
Even though these are smaller lap quilts they take a while to put together
the block size is smaller than a tshirt quilt so they are more labor intensive
I love the variety in quilts like these though. They all had the same fabric but each was unique through the placement of shirts
She in fact would like them so much that she would request four additional quilts in December
I learned with these quilts that doing them in a process was the easiest
Cutting all the shirts, then stabilizing them, then diving them into piles of 7
I also learned putting those piles in bags was a great way to save time as well.
I would create all the quilt tops, then pin them all, quilt them one by one and then add the binding and label to each.
These particular quilts all had a label in the center, reminding them of their loved one.

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