Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Acadec Field Trip

We went to the museum. It was a great day to get away from school with both kids since they were both on the Acadec Team as Sophomores.
Such Beautiful works of arts
So much variety
Sometimes it was hard to get non blurry photos
All of the kids are so amazing, they are well behaved, polite and respectful
The teacher is the best. I truly enjoy her and all she has done for my kids, all three of them. They have learned a great deal from her.
I love American History, this is one of my favorites
This piece reminded me of my mom
I love seeing her smile and just being relaxed. Sometimes school pressure is rough.
There was a whole religious section. There were many pieces here that I loved a great deal
Such Beauty
This was quite unusual
My mom would have loved this one too
Such Reverence
This of course is my favorite from the day

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