Monday, June 23, 2014

His and Her Wedding Quilt

His and Her Wedding Quilt- Nearly Full Size 80 by 88
Nearly every female item was appliqued to fabric because it was desired to have it in its entirety. 
The middle section had a combination of a couple of her shirts and a few of his to unite the quilt. The mother of the bride had precut many items, so it was a different process for me than normal.
There were a couple of His items from baby and younger years, but mainly His items were just Tshirts for the quilt
Not all items that were sent were able to be used, some had lots of sequins which my machine didn't like, others I didn't feel would hold up in the quilt so I returned them rather than chancing it. 
I wrapped the quilt up in a blue border and added a blueberry flannel backing to it. Its my most difficult order to date. Took a full 24 hours to create.

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