Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend of Repairs

I love this boy! My husband was trying to work on the water pump to the truck and the stairs had been pretty bad for a while and Mekenzei almost slipped the other morning and he was worried about someone getting hurt. He took it upon himself to ask a few questions and fix it for us. Paul did have to cut a couple of prop boards because the saw is a little dangerous with it not being on a table but he did a great job!
We will have to come back in later and fix the boards underneath this last step, they need to be off the dirt so they will not rot so fast but gosh for a 16 year old this is  very functional!
As for the truck, well that didn't go so well. First off he used my quilting tables. I am thankful for DAWN dishsoap. Then he struggled for a long while to get the nut between the pulley and the fan loose. We went to the parts store to see if there was a special tool, we were able to buy the new water pump but they couldn't help us. We then took it to his brother in law and in the process of attempting it with two strong men the pulley was then damaged so they decided to cut it off with a torch. Needless to say we now needed a new pulley too. For now we are borrowing a vehicle which really helps with my busy kids schedule and yesterday he found the new part in town at a pick a part place. Hopefully its fixed before I leave just in case something happens to our other vehicle while I am gone. We haven't had the best of peace around here lately.

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