Sunday, February 9, 2014

All in a weekend

Kenzei had to accompany us to do some side work today after church, she worked on homework. Its funny how they can just make themselves at home. I had to laugh when I saw this as I went to grab a quick drink of water.
Thank goodness for laptops, sure helps get work done on the go.
Paul had helped cut and shape (probably not the right word) all this pipe and I helped wash it all today. It helps to have to people because I can get a bunch washed and he can take it over to stack so it will be dry.
I can't imagine how long it would have taken him to do this alone, it took us a couple of hours to do this together.
I am thankful that we came across some good deals at Academy today. Jakob needed a new backpack. He had two old ones that we cycled through this year and the last one blew the bottom. I had already tried to repair it but it was a lost cause to try again. The boy probably carries 40 lbs on his back so he usually goes through a couple a year. Zekaryah goes through shoes this fast. We bought two pairs one for track and one for school at the beginning of the year and he already needed two new pairs. Both of these were on sale though. The orange and gray he got for $24 and the other were a little more pricey at $40. Hopefully they last the rest of the school year. With all the running he does he literally runs through the soles. I have never seen inserts with huge holes like his gets.
Jakob helped me make a new banner for my facebook page. I really need to take a photoshop class you can do so much with the program and he will be headed to college soon and unable to help me with this stuff. It seems like our weekend has now ended. I have enjoyed  having Paul back home. I really wish he had tomorrow off too I am not quite ready to get back into the swing of things. I have three quilts to work on this week and lots of dr appointments to help the younger two feel better. It will be another busy week. 

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