Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Sons Endeavors

Recently we had to purchase our oldest child a jacket of his own, he decided it would be our gift to him when he turned 17 this month. What a mature decision. We had been borrowing one from different people every time he had a formal event due to lack of money. We decided that it was affecting his confidence during interviews and speeches to be in someone elses clothes, maybe if the clothes had become his it would have been different, but they were clothes that would be returned. We were right. This past weekend he went to a new competition and he did better than he ever has. I am thankful for that Godly wisdom. I am also thankful for the sale that we found at Kohls for the jacket and that it matched the pants he already had.
Summer Group he was in to promote recycling in a local school
He has been part of Skills USA and National Technical Honor Society. This year he decided he wanted to be President of this group. This past weekend he went to district where he won 1st place in Technical Math and 4th place in Architecture Design of a Bakery he created. He will go on to State. I am very excited for him. This is a picture of the night he gave his first speech for the induction ceremony
He also chose to be part of the Interact group this year, which is part of the Rotary Club. I think it has great opportunities. He was able to go to a Leadership Conference and had a great weekend with  new experiences.
Acadec has been very involved this year. It is nice to see him do well in this competition. This years focus is on Russia. Next year his little sister hopes to join him in the class where he will be a senior and she will be a freshman. She is excited to learn along side of her big brother.
This year his High School started A Unite West group. He was chosen from one of the groups that he is in to participate in this overall group of leaders of his High School campus. What a wonderful opportunity.
He is also part of another Leadership Group for the school district. They just went to the State Capitol where he got to ask the State Rep of our area about the testing and what can be done about it so that it is a better process for our students
They got to sit in on meetings and conversation to. I am so happy he has had so many ways to serve in the community and further his leadership skills. I think it will be very helpful to do well at those college interviews he will have in the next year. He hopes to attend a local state school with a full ride.. I pray that his desires are granted.

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