Friday, July 13, 2012

Crafty Tasks

This week I purchased a body pillow for the end of our bed, the mattress is constantly shifting and also that is where the dog sleeps. I love how it turned out but I can't seem to get a full picture of it to save my life, so you only get this snippet. I hope to make two matching standard pillowcases.
I had also bought this curtain for the door. I had this old blanket up on the door the last 5 years. It was pretty sad. I had hoped to make curtains but I never found the fabric I wanted. I saw this and knew it would work because it is lined. We could not use the regular rods I purchased so my clever husband bought me two dowels. He drilled holes in the end after cutting a portion off.
I had to trim the curtain and resew the hem, rod entry but I think it turned out great. I need to stain the dowels though so it doesn't stick out so much. Now we have good privacy for our room. Best part it was all done very CHEAP

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