Friday, July 6, 2012

Cleaning House is my July Priority

Pantry portion of the closet, drives me crazy at how dirty and unorganized it is
It seems like sometimes we can't live in a clean house no matter what I try. That has become increasingly depressing and frustrating to me. I have 1500 square feet but I don't have much in the line of closets or storage areas. I do not have any attic space either or a garage. That sure makes things complicated. I decided since I have the month of July off I was going to tackle things room by room. I got the living room almost done. That required me to cut 100s of Tshirts and keep just the half that I use for quilts to get me down to three buckets instead of the ten or so that were behind my couch. That goodness for rentals at the library. I watched movies and cut shirts for hours! I still have several buckets in my sons room- the loft which is our dump zone right now since he can't sleep up there in the heat of the summer.
This is the center for everything. Food storage, hatching of eggs, quilting storage etc.
This week I tackled our closet and pantry closet. I find that everyone dumps there unwanted items here. It also becomes a huge mess every time I go grocery shopping. I have kids put away food and well there is never a organized system about that. I also get very busy with quilting and school and well I never went through all the stuff of my moms that my dad gave me, it just got shoved in there. What a regret on my part as it took hours to fix, well really two days!
I can't wait to do something with all this fabric and my moms items, that will declutter the closet a  little bit.
I still have a ways to go in tackling our bedroom. I have decided to once again go through all my fabric and declutter. If I do not have a real plan for it I am donating it. I don't have time for quilts these days, I basically just take orders and well its all collecting space I really don't have container wise. I thought it was a great idea to collect pieces from quilts that I make but I am learning it just adds more clutter. Hopefully they find a new home.
I have a container on this side that has Tshirts and jeans that I need to turn into a quilt for Paul, that will help declutter too
  I wish I could just keep on cleaning tonight but I have run out of steam I guess. I have a huge mess on my tables, cedar chest, under the tables and the entertainment center. I am in one of those I just want it finished moods.
What I still need to do.. Maybe Sunday since I volunteer tomorrow and then have dinner at my husbands families house.
These are four containers of fabric I have no idea what to do with, there are more under my quilting tables
This is my newly organized stash. My mom had tons of stabilizer I don't even know what to do with it all! Thankfully I have a top shelf that is completely empty if I can use it too
This is the food portion of the pantry, now we have two clearly defined areas. The rabbits got a bigger home too, one more week and they can go in a cage outside. At least that is my hope.


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