Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Work

I don't have any pictures yet but this weekend has been full of activity. I have been trying to map out a plan for a newly designed Tshirt quilt. I wanted this one to be fun and just different then my standard design. It takes a lot of work and planning to hopefully pull off something fantastic. Yesterday I took my two boys and three other children to a movie- we met up with some other kids and adults with what is called a Venturing Crew. My two boys belong but we were trying to have an activity day so they got to bring along some friends. I am glad that they were all well behaved and my truck was very full. It was a fun time. My husband stayed around the house and worked in the yard. The boys had cleaned the inside and outside of my truck that morning after I did my orientation shift for my June summer assistant teaching job. My oldest had mowed lots of the yard and my husband worked in the front and back clearing out some land, debris and burning some much needed trash etc in the yard. We have lots to still do but its coming along nicely.

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