Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful for a recent gift of cash as well as a quilt order. We were able to purchase a battery for the Toyota camry that has been sitting for a few years and also get it registered and insured. I had enough money left over to get these two fans too. This one is in our bedroom. It is so nice to have a new fan in here. I slept so much better. We have a window unit but the window is very low to the ground and there is a huge hole in the wall so its not very productive at night when it is hot. I also love that it has a remote control so we can turn it off in bed after I am done reading for the night.

The second fan is in our dining room. The old one was very ugly and last summer I tried to remodel it by spray painting it, when we put it back up the fan portion didn't work anymore. Now that problem is fixed with a new one. Its the small things in life sometimes that really give me joy.

This is my next obstacle. it is a light in the den that can't be left on very long because it gets too hot. It actually melted a different light bulb once, it was very scary. I am tackling lights this summer because it is something that will help our home be more energy efficient, and its honestly something small that I can afford one at a time. I am trying to figure out a better solution for this room though. The ceiling right here is too low to put up another celing fan. I really dislike this light in general, it is just ugly! I thought of a shop light and then having Paul build a wooden frame around it. I am hoping we can pull that off, the one that Lowes/Home Depot sales is way too expensive for this gal. 

This is what I would like to replace it with. I also want this same exact thing in the Kitchen where  a light works about half the time if that. Of course Lowes has this at almost $200, and well that is not reasonable at all.

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