Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Busy Month of June

This is my favorite chicken, his beak has been turned sideways since day one, but he is doing fine. He loves to follow you around the coop like a best friend.

My daughter's bunnies got a new cage, their old one didn't work so well with this rainy month we have had.

New baby quail- all white that hatched for Father's Day weekend. They are super cute. It is hard to believe they turn from this very pretty yellow to all white feathers.

New construction, while my husband was away on his trip my two sons and I moved all the chickens to the new coop area, it really needed a roof. My husband spent the weekend coming up with a great plan.

The garden has done so well with all this rain, this area holds watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew, as well as some extra tomatoes.

The first of our sweet melons.

A honey dew or cantaloupe.

The squash have really outgrown their perimeter. Their production has slowed down too, so this weekend we will plant another section. It has been wonderful to share some of our produce with others that I work with or friends.

Two gorgeous eggplants. I love their bright shiny color. I hope some more grow as we gave these two away.

I love that we are having such a great success this year. It has prompted us to think about a fall garden. We tried it once and it didn't do so well. I am hoping this year will be an exception.

The chickens in the coop with the quail and the rabbits are free range, these little guys will come eat from your hand.

A new gate has been a blessing. Now I can go out feed in the first coop area and walk directly into the garden area to feed the chickens and pick our crop for the day. I am very thankful for this gate!

After a days work, the roof is half finished. It covers half of their coop providing some shelter and shade from the very hot sun.
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