Saturday, June 9, 2012

$15 Hair Accessory Gift Certificate to Lilla Rose

Enter to win a $15 Gift Certificate for a really innovative hair accessory called the Flexi 8 from Lilla Rose
I used the Extra Small Flexi 8. I have super fine hair, there truly is not much hair at all and its only shoulder length. I rarely ever can get a hair piece to stay in all day. I use the very tiny clips from Walmart and have to adjust them. I wore this Tuesday through Thursday this week while teaching and I didn't adjust my hair once, not even when I got home. I played kickball, exercised, ran a couple laps and it stayed in place. I loved that when I took the piece out I didn't have a handful of hair with it. I also loved that it doesn't hold it so tight I get headaches from wearing it. I did try the small that my daughter got and it was still too big, so its nice to know that they sell something so small that will still suit the needs of an adult. I am hoping to purchase the Celtic Knot, Celtic Cross , Plumeria Flower and Hawaiian Flower styles in the near future. I love how plain all three of those are and that I could wear them with anything and they would all three match.
My daughter tried the Extra Small Flexi 8. She loves it. I will have to get her one that she can wear that suits her style more- like turquoise. She said, "I love that my hair does not get all tangled when using it." That is her biggest complaint with pony tail holders.

This is what the Flexi 8 looks like. It is built to last. I love that the clip part of it slides underneath and will not break off. I also love that they have so many different styles to choose from and you can purchase it for your hair needs whether you have thin short hair or long thick hair etc.
These pictures are much better than mine. So I am sharing these too.  Here is some more information from their site, "Our Clip is different from other hair accessories because of the following features: Our clip is ornate: beautifully designed in a
multitude of colors; it is amazingly flexible which most items of it’s kind are not; it is one-piece so you do not have to worry about
losing a piece of it; the Flexi Clip is also darned durable and finally, it locks so the pin does not slip out. Our flexible clip will fit in just
about any thickness of hair. We have six sizes: mini’s, extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large."

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  1. I love the "You" pins and the Flexiclips and I think a size medium would work best for me :D

  2. Wow! They are beautiful! Always looking for new hair accessories!

  3. I would love the Celtic knot in small! My hair is thin and the Celtic knot will go with everything & I'm Irish! Thanks for the contest!

  4. I watched the video. I love this beauty item! I would need an extra large/large.
    I hope I win...I'd wear the day it arrived! <3

    Thank you having this giveaway.

    God Bless

  5. This is the flexi I would like and I would need it in size extra small

  6. 2-0750 Celtic Cross in medium

  7. Small Flexiclip for half up style for me :) I have a large one already!

  8. Celtic Knot in medium :)

  9. 6-0717 Floral Design in extra small for me! Thanks for a chance to win! :)


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