Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Happy Birthday to my daughter who turned 13 today. I just can't say enough about her. She is amazing. I am so thankful the Lord did not listen to me and he gave me a little girl. I am very blessed every day to have her. She is thoughtful and kind. She thinks of others constantly. She is very helpful even without me asking. She works so hard in school and stays top in her class. She has a beautiful voice that I have enjoyed watching mature. She is a wonderful daughter who really thinks of my needs when I get super busy. This past couple weeks she has been helping me reorganize the house since we were able to pass all those garage sale items to the school. I am very grateful for that.
I am thankful today for the provision of a bigger desk! We are selling our piano next week so I have not piled it all down with stuff in case we decide to move it to the dining room. So for now I just have it set up to use the computer. I am thankful my husband's sister thought of us when they were parting with it. I had tried to win one from Pottery barn several months ago with no luck. Now I know why. I just needed to be patient for the Lord's timing.
I am thankful to have another batch of quail, they started hatching late last night but most of them were born this morning. What a perfect day since its my daughter birthday. She loves the really dark brown ones, she calls them turkey's. They seem harder to come by, this batch she got two so far instead of one. We have another batch due in a couple days so I pray she will get a couple more between now and then. The eggs for this batch have about 24 more hours and then they are done. Sure makes life a little busier but quail are super easy so I don't mind.

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