Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday

Out of all the pictures the appraiser could keep he kept this one. This is not how the floor looked when we bought the house 4 years ago. There was tile all the way to the wall, within about 6 months it started pulling up. Hmm maybe that is because they laid it directly onto of wood flooring which was on top of linoleum. It is frustrating that there were so many unseen hidden issues with the house just like this one.

I didn't get much done for my Tackle it Tuesday this week. I worked on property taxes all day. The getting the information part done that is. I really feel there should be classes held on how to fight to lower your taxes. I do understand that each case is different but there are actually Categories under which you want to gather information so that you can plead your case. I did not know this. I also found out today that all the pictures I took- well they needed dates, and I needed a contractors estimate, detailed estimate I might add, in order to fight the idea that my home is not sellable as is. It would have helped to also know that the refinance paperwork I had from the bank would not be useful. It needed a detailed appraisal not just an estimate of an appraisal. They want to know WHY exactly I feel they are wrong and they want EVERY detail. What I also realized- this too will cost us money. However, it will not be as much as the increase per month of $400 on my house note. So while I did not do any projects I did a lot of research. I wish every neighbor in my subdivision would fight their taxes. We are ALL paying too much. Onto my Wordless Wednesday
This is our dog- Pilsner. He feels neglected lately because I am so busy. He consoles himself here- under my desk. I will admit the tile floor is probably very nice and cool. Photobucket

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