Friday, March 30, 2012

Back to Quilting

I am so thankful to be back at my quilting table and sewing machine. It was a long week not having the energy to do so. I am also thankful that sometimes I go over and beyond the expectations of my customers. I wish I could always do so, but sometimes time or money prevent that desire. This time I had a customer who I had already made a quilt for a couple years back. She thought she might venture out and make her own but it never came to be, so she sought out my services again. I saw all these track shirts and it must have been the right timing for her because I wanted to really save these memories for her. I turned her idea of a 12 shirt quilt into 18, it houses so much more memory than what she ever bargained for. I am thankful she gave me some creative license too.
I love that she added this every day shirt to the mix of her track shirts, it really personalized the quilt

I am thankful she gave me creative license. I used this wonderful charcoal flannel backing with a scroll print to make a comfy quilt.

Sometimes including some shirt backs really do make the quilt more special, esp if they hold the name of the person the quilt will belong too.

Another creative license is the black and red printed binding. It tied in all the red of the quilt and also tied in the darker flannel backing of the quilt. It measures approx 50 by 88. It will be a nice long lap quilt.


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