Monday, February 27, 2012

What we have been up to

Thursday Kenzei had a Choir UIL concert, it was really neat being able to listen and watch these girls Sight Read a sheet of music they had never seen. After a four minute coaching session I would have guessed their was one error in the entire piece. I can't wait to see them perform next thur at their competition.

Zekaryah had a track meet thur night, since I attended Kenzei's event I missed it. He ran the first mile in a half race coming in 6th place with 22 boys. Not bad at all.

The second race was a mile and his time was 5.55. That is really good!

Friday we started helping Jakob with a Spanish III project. He had to write and memorize a 1-3 min speech on his pinata, which he also had to make. He decided on a Day of the Dead theme to represent Mexico. It turned out really good. He got a 92 on the Speech and then the pinata raised his grade to a 96, she gave him 4 extra points because he did impressive work, which of course we helped him with. It took Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening and Sunday morning to complete it.

This is the back, really cool. He competed Saturday at a Math UIL all day. He came in second place for his division, very impressive.

Today I worked on a Baby Genius Quilt order. I really love doing these. The customer picked out this cute tool fabric that I recommended. I hope her son loves this quilt.


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