Friday, February 10, 2012

What I am Learning Friday

It is very hard to get out of DEBT
I cannot believe how many unexpected costs come up every month. I try to make a plan but it rarely works. I feel I am constantly adjusting money, lifestyle requests and encouraging my husband to take on more side jobs so that we can make ends meet. I am thankful to say we have done pretty well this month as far as taking our debt seriously and working to pay things down. I have had to make some tough decisions business wise too. For example I had purchased fabric in 2011 that I had intended to use for a couple of giveaway quilts in hopes that it would provide some "network advertising" for my quilting business. I reviewed where we were for the month this week and decided I needed to sell the quilt instead. I know there will be seasons where I can make deals for my quilts, where I can give some away and where I really need to buckle down- create more quilts- and sell them. It is hard when I have such a giving heart. 
I will say I never expected for us to be able to stretch food so well this week. One added bonus to my husband working a side job every evening is that he does not eat at home. My only out of pocket cost for him grocery wise was granola bars, peanuts, coffee and Orange juice. While I realize it cannot be like that all the time, it was very helpful in helping me pay for other bills that I did not expect.
I also found that while I really wanted Dave Ramsey's book and the library still has me in holding at 300+, that there were some FREE worksheets online. I understand the principles of his methods just by reading some blog posts and articles. It was the worksheets I was after just to help me think of things I forget about. I am excited to start reviewing these next week. For now our monthly bills are almost paid. I really dislike that our internet bill comes in mid month when I pay everything else pretty much the second week, I can't pay that one until the third week. I was able to pay off 7 different credit cards this month. They were all smaller ones but it leaves us with just two to try and manage and pay down. I am praying for monthly wisdom as we try to continue to do that during 2012.
I think our biggest obstacle just really looking deep into things is that I pay all the bills, I do all the filing, I do all the work. My husband does not pay anything but for food and gas, or whatever other store purchase he might make. I am not sure how we quite got here. I remember in our earlier years of marriage he was involved weekly, however, he waited tables and we worked primarily on cash. Sometimes I miss those days. My goal for March is to have him included in these bill paying sessions. We need to SCHEDULE time to do it TOGETHER. It is hard for one person to take this on completely and then the other doesn't realize quite how or where money is spent. I think we could make wiser decisions if we both knew the ins and outs of how our household runs. 
So while I have learned it is difficult I know that with the Lord nothing is impossible. 
I am thankful for his grace and mercy and for his many many blessings.


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  1. My husband leaves the finances to me and I hate it! I feel as if I'm carrying the burden 100%. I have Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace and could let you read and use it if you want. I can send it with the t-shirts and then you could send it back later, when you mail the quilt. Let me know.


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