Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday, Birthday and Valentines Day

Jakob turns 16. Happy with our Amazon find of two used games for under $25. I love that we stuck to our budget.

My Valentines Day gift- its for the window in the kitchen. It has rosemary, chives and cilantro. I am excited. I hope I can keep them all alive. I have wanted an Herb Garden for 17 years!

My Tackle it Tuesday. I don't have a name for the quilt yet.

Each center piece of the 9 Patch block is a special Frog fabric that my friend Diana sent me a while ago. I finally turned those 12 6 inch blocks into a quilt.

There are lots of other frogs fabrics, one with sunflowers, one with daisy's, then also butterflies and dragonflies

They are all bordered with a denim looking fabric. I just love this fabric! I had wanted to make this one for myself but since money is still pretty tight I will be finishing it up and listing it to sell. I pray it finds a lovely new home. I need to decide if I will use a denim color blue flannel or a special print.


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