Monday, January 9, 2012

Rain Rain and More Rain

There is nothing quite like getting a call from your husband to let you know that Tornado Warnings were issued in your area at 6 am to stepping out of bed into lots of COLD standing water on your floor. Mind you my bed is at the other side of the room, so that my quilting area can be in our bedroom. That meant the entire floor is full of water. I walk through the water to find that half of my den is also covered in water. I tell my husband he better just turn back around because this was too much for one person to handle. 
What a way to begin my day. I am thankful that we keep extra towels. I used EVERY SINGLE ONE. I got a Rubbermaid bucket and started twisting those babies out and putting them back down. Then my arms and hands got blistered and tired so I started using the spin cycle on the washer- that was a great idea, which led me to think of the shop vac- I admit that didn't work as well as I would have hoped so I grabbed a mop. Finally as I was nearly done getting all the containers from under my quilting tables up. Unplugging things so I don't electrocute husband pulls up. I admit his job was much worse then mine. He had to create some trenches in the yard.
Our little pond that has been dry for nearly two years was overflowing, you could not even tell it was a pond, the pool which lacked 2 ft of water was overflowing, he pulled the drain on the other side to let some water out and the slab on the backside of the house was covered and the water was two wood pieces high, thus why I had water in the house.
I can say a few things. That was a lot of water! Second I am so thankful to cell phones, can you imagine if I had not been woken up, we might have really Flooded the bedroom and den. Third we have got to figure out a way to get some drain system in the works on that side of the house and get the wall fixed that was behind that fireplace we pulled down. 
This is where you come in. I need prayers, I need buckets of overflowing prayers. We need quilt orders, we need side jobs, we need some money to fix this. I am extremely worried about how much water is now on the interior wall because it was just pouring in the house where the top of that fireplace was. For now the rain has ceased for that I am extremely grateful because I have a headache the size of Texas..


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