Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 I am very thankful for Relationships this week. I never realize how much I need a break from life at times. I enjoyed having my dad here for Thanksgiving. I needed that to help me get through my normal holiday blues. If it wasn't such a long drive and so expensive it would be a great normal holiday routine to have him drive out here every Thanksgiving. Of course this is the first year the kids had the entire week off. I loved it. I got to spend Wednesday with one friend this week, then Thursday another friend and I met at 10 am. We went shopping at the dollar store for some items for a Christmas Spirit Shop for our kids school. It was a great deal of fun. We had lunch, she took me by Hobby Lobby. I got more stabilizer for quilts. We ran some other errands, and she got me these two tables while we were out. They were on my Christmas Wish List. I say WISH with Exclamations. I was ready to stop taking all queen size Quilt orders. It is so hard to pin them using sawhorses in the middle. She respects my talent and encourages it, like no other. She is just amazed that I truly LOVE quilting. Now I can do it with a little more ease. What a great early gift since I have two more queen orders to get out before Christmas. Also the two tables I use in my room are not the same size, this will solve that problem too! I am very excited.

My husband added to that excitement with two new pieces of cardboard. The first set got damp months ago on his way home from work. I had been making due. What a pain that was since they were slightly warped. Now I have two new tables, two new pieces of cardboard and I had already bought a new box of pins when my dad was here. Its the little things in life that I am often so thankful for. Its amazing how the Lord took my very busy schedule this week and added a couple days of friendship into them. Really in the end it didn't put me behind too much. I was able to sub all day Friday, have a date night last night (at home) and today an event got canceled so I can work on the quilt order that I am a tad behind on - only because I had hoped to pin it last night. I have plenty of time to do that today now. I even got caught up on Blog posts. SO what a great extended Thankful Thursday post.


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