Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

We decided adults were not getting Christmas this year. The kids were upset this weekend over it. So I posted this note on Saturday in hopes that they would understand getting me something for Christmas was possible through their actions. I really want a CLEAN HOUSE.

Despite Mekenzei not being here the boys pitched in. I helped for a few hours today instead of working on a quilt like I should have since all they did is FIGHT! I got tired of the bickering. Sometimes its not worth it.

It really does look a whole lot better. I can see the floor, table tops etc.

The boys were surprised at how quickly the house became clean. We wrote a two page list and crossed things off as we went. We did one room at a time and I showed them it really was not as big of a task as they thought.

I do still need to sweep and mop floors. They were swept once but once I get to it tomorrow they will need to be swept again. We had Nine loads of wash to do and Kenzei's room. I discovered doing laundry at home was not going to be an option. Kenzei's room will wait until tomorrow.

Both boys helped me load up the nine loads of wash and we set off for the Washateria. $30 later I have all the wash folded and put away. Paul came and got Zekaryah but Jakob stayed until the very end. I will admit it was nice getting all that done in two hours. It is nice being caught up too. Now if I could say that about the three quilt orders I still have left I would be in business. It was a great Tackle it Tuesday.



  1. Your house looks so roomy and pretty! The boys did a great job. Sorry they fought - mine do the same thing and it drives me crazy. I keep telling myself they'll outgrow the bickering and love each other soon - hasn't happened yet. I hope you got some of the quilting done.

  2. Good idea about the little note. I am going to leave my kids that note too. I will be at the laundry mat too here soon, so I too can get caught up all at once. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  3. Like the note!! I'll have to remember that in a few years when my boys are old enough to do something like that! That's my idea of a good Christmas present! =)

    I am a new follower... just added your badge to my blog as well =)


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