Monday, December 19, 2011

I have been busy

I have been super busy quilting. It didn't help that I had the flu for a week either. It has been hard to find time to fit blogging in lately. Here are pictures of some quilts I have finished and other things going on at our house
48 by 60 12 shirt quilt

90 by 108 queen quilt- 20 Waterpolo shirts
54 by 70 12 Texas shirts

Baby Genius Baby Sampler for Giveaway on Freebie Corner

Baby Genius Quilt order 30 by 35

Football 12 Shirt Quilt

Younger two and their first school dance. Paul and I chaperoned it and even danced the last dance.

Queen Quilt with Red Flannel Backing, it bled on the white shirts really bad, took six washings total and 20+ color Catchers and my new bottle of soap from Purex to get the shirts pink. Thankful the customer was okay with the mishap. It was a BEAUTIFUL quilt.

Choir Christmas Concert Formal Style

Choir Christmas Concert Fun Style

Lots of Basketball games and practices now that Kenzei's on B team

Getting down the court!! It was very exciting

We have had a great couple of weeks, its been swamped. Sorry for the lack of posts, thanks for stopping by!

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