Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedneday Thoughts

This morning I don't really have anything to say spiritually just more of a thoughtless ramble for this very early day. I noticed a common factor as I did my morning pickup throughout the house.
1. Shoes not put on the shoe rack or in the right rooms
2. Candy wrappers everywhere, in rooms, on the kitchen and living room floors. This will create a discussion tonight on responsibility.
3. Laundry that I washed and folded and separated into piles yesterday while people were at school and work had been collected from the living room spot but was not put up correctly. In some cases it is left in said stacks and placed on beds, desks or cabinets. Another issue for discussion tonight, as its work for me to rewash said clothes if it doesn't get put away, which I did in one room today since I worked so hard over the weekend to clean it.
4. Homework done in bedrooms last night- some pages still left on the floor or bed, hmm wonder if that means something is not getting turned in/graded, because it did not go back in their folders.
5. Just the random thought about how nice it would be to have said family pick up after oneself, it sure would make my morning run smoother. As I rush to quilt this morning then sub this afternoon.

So my Wordfilled Wednesday is that while I am thankful for the busy schedule, trying to balance meetings, school activities, house work, side jobs and quilting preparation for Saturday's Craft show, I have a prayer over my household this morning. I pray that the Lord help each person realize that they have a job to do outside of eating, sleeping and homework (oh and watching tv/playing the computer/listening to music) that they be responsible for their own things and not leave it off on someone else. Enough said... I am sure there are many with me on this.


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